Breast Cancer Research Group

University of Illinois at Chicago

Breast Biospecimens Availability


  1. Request for breast biospecimens must be made using the standard UI Biospecimen Request Form and the BCRG Scientific Review Form.

  2. Both forms should be submitted to Dr. Klara Valyi-Nagy ( for approval.

  3. Priority will be given based on the following criteria:

    1. A compelling justification in the Scientific Review Form

    2. Investigators with funding in place

    3. Availability of specimens (requests cannot exceed 50% of current inventory)

    4. Research related to health disparities


The following biospecimen are available to be requested:  

  1. Fresh

  2. Archived Frozen - Click here.

  3. Archived FFPE

  4. Circulating Tumor DNA

  5. Fresh Serum, Plasma, and Whole blood - Click here.

Conditions for Accepting Tissue:

  1. IRB and IBC approval is required prior to the release of biospecimens.

  2. Specimens have been contributed by clinicians on the condition that they may be included as authors when studies using these materials are published. Contributing authors will be made known to the requesting investigator when samples are distributed.

  3. Investigators cannot distribute, share, or give materials to collaborators or third parties unless they are listed on the Scientific Review Form.

  4. The BCRG requests that any publications resulting from use of these specimens include the following statement in the acknowledgements: “Tissue samples were provided by the UIC Breast Cancer Research Group and funded through the UI Health Cancer Center.”

  5. Timely response to requests from the BCRG for updates on subsequent publications and grants funded based on the work completed with provided tissues are expected.


BCRG Scientific Review Form

RRC Biorepository Review Form