Breast Cancer Research Group

University of Illinois at Chicago

Breast Cancer Research Group Pilot Grant Program

AY 2017-2018 Round Two: Request For Applications


The goal of this pilot program is to foster outstanding breast cancer research at UIC by supporting the development of preliminary data that can be used to obtain new NIH or other external funding.

Priority will be given to:

  • Proposals focused on the biological and social underpinnings of breast cancer disparities and/or novel therapeutic strategies to address these issues.
  • Proposals with the potential for high impact and/or near-term translation to the clinic.
  • Proposals conducted by an interdisciplinary team of investigators with members from at least two of the three programs within the Cancer Center (Cancer Biology, Translational Oncology, Cancer Prevention and Control).
  • Proposals that uses biospecimen resources generated by the BCRG (
  • Proposals led by a PI who participates in BCRG activities.

Scope of the BCRG Pilot Grant: 

  • The funding period is for 1 year, all proposed aims must be completed within the funding period.
  • The BCRG pilot grant program will provide two $25,000 pilot grant awards.
  • Deadline for the BCRG pilot grant program: July 13, 2018, 5 pm.     

Application Instructions

    1. A single PDF containing the application should be emailed directly to Upon submission, you will receive confirmation. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Jermya Buckley at
    2. Submission deadline is Friday, July 13, 2018 at 5pm.
    3. Decisions are expected to be announced by Friday, August 10, 2018.
    1. Cover page
    2. A concise two page research proposal that addresses:
      1. The scientific question to be addressed and hypothesis
      2. Specific Aims
      3. Preliminary Data/Rationale
      4. Significance/Impact
      5. Experimental Plan
      6. Relevance to BCRG goals and priorities
    3. NIH formatted biosketches for PIs
    4. A one page budget and budget justification
    5. Letters of support (if appropriate)
      1. Cover page and budget/budget justification forms can be found at
    1. The PI must be either tenure track or tenured faculty at UIC and a Cancer Center Member.
    2. PIs previously funded through this mechanism can reapply but significant progress must be demonstrated to obtain additional funding. 
    1. White 8 ½ x 11 inch paper
    2. Arial 11 point font
    3. 0.5 margins
    4. Single- spaced
    5. Number all pages
    6. All documents assembled and submitted as an single PDF document
    1. The BCRG advisory committee members will review all applications using NIH review criteria. Outside reviewers with appropriate expertise may be recruited, if needed.
    1. Overall scientific merit and impact, likelihood that the project will lead to external funding, and feasibility of accomplishing aims within the funding period.
    2. Alignment with BCRP goals
    1. The PIs will present their progress at a BCRG seminar or symposium before the end of the funding period.
    2. In the case of any publication, the investigators should acknowledge the support from the UI Health Cancer Center and the UIC Breast Cancer Research Group.
    3. Timely response to requests from the BCRG for updates on subsequent publications and grants funded based on the work completed with pilot funding
    4. One page progress report at the end of the funding period.
    1. Budget: two one-year grants will be awarded at $25,000/each
    2. The funds provided by the UIC Breast Cancer Research Group should exclusively be used to research and not for travel, meetings, or PI salary.
    3. A breakdown of the budget into major categories with a brief justification for each is required
    1. Funding is expected to start immediately or upon demonstration of approval by IRB or ACC if use of human or animal subjects is proposed.