Breast Cancer Research Group

University of Illinois at Chicago

Meet our Patient Advocates


Angela Waller 

Angela Waller is a 10-year breast cancer survivor and is dedicated to educating minority women about the importance of early detection, breast health, and healthy lifestyles. She has over 10 years of experience in community engagement outreach within urban communities and community and capacity building for sustainable partnerships.

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Alicia Cook

As a breast cancer survivor who was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer at age 34, Alicia is committed to volunteering as a breast cancer patient advocate. She have over twenty years of experience working with research projects in clinical and social behavioral research. She also has extensive experience in regulatory evaluation of human research studies and protection of human research subjects.

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Involving Advocates in Your Research

 If you are interested in involving our patient advocates in your research or other activities, please email Jermya Buckley at for more information.  Letters of support from advocates to include in grant applications are available on request.