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Our mission is to provide leadership to integrate the clinical and research activities of the breast cancer program at UIC. We would like to foster increased collaboration between clinical, translational, behavioral, epidemiologic, and basic scientists by hosting intellectual events such as a seminar series and annual symposiums. By creating opportunities for collaboration we hope to expand breast cancer research funding and to enhance research initiatives in areas such as breast cancer disparities, translational breast cancer, and novel diagnostic and therapeutic approaches. 

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Upcoming EVENTS

Seminar presented by Debra Tonetti, PhD and Terry Moore, PhD from the University of Illinois at Chicago.



Ajay rana, ph.d.

 Since 2015, Dr. Rana as held the title as Claudia "CJ" Kubinski and Tapas Das Gupta Endowed Professor and Director of Research in the Department of Surgery at UIC. His central effort for the last 15 years has been to dissect and delineate signaling networks that play a role in cell survival and death pathways, under normal and pathological conditions.       


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Jonna Frasor, Ph.d.

 Dr. Frasor has over 15 years of experience in the estrogen receptor field. As a Professor in the Department of Physiology and Biophysics at UIC, her research focuses on estrogen receptor activity and how different signaling pathways alter estrogen-dependent gene regulation. 

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kent hoskins, m.d.

Currently, Dr. Hoskins is a Associate Professor of Medicine at UIC. As a Clinician, he often interacts with a lot of clinical, basic, and epidemiology researchers. His work involves developing tools and strategies for population-based assessment of breast cancer risk, with an emphasis on disparities. Dr. Hoskins is also recognized nationally as an expert in breast cancer genetics and risk assessment. 

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